all you need is love... 
& me as your wedding photographer. ;)


Let's be honest - even in the age of crazy advanced smartphone cameras and Snapchat, your drunk cousin won't be able to document your special day like a photographer can. And that's where I come in! Capturing authentic moments is what I live for. All the laughs, all the tears, and all the in-betweens. But I'm also down to get creative, so let's get that shot that'll get you 100+ likes on Instagram. I keep things personable between us, that way I'm not some random stranger come your wedding day. I'm always an email, text, or phone call away. I'll be there if you want to go grab coffee (or drinks) and just talk wedding stuff, too! If you like what you're reading, I'm your gal! Check out the rest of my website if you want to learn more, or if you're ready to book let's talk!

A wedding and engagement photographer based in Orlando, Florida. 
Now booking Virginia and Georgia weddings! Destination available!



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